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Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake, topped with whipped cream and cherries.

Black forest cake includes famous cake and has yummy sensation in the taste

There are many pastries or dessert in a lot of country. There are waffle, pudding, cups cake, tart, and cake. But, the most favorite that is always like by people even children, teenager, and adult is cake. There are various kinds of cake but the popular cake is black forest cake. This cake has special taste that is sweet and cherry pit. It has sensation when you bite a few by a few of this cake. It has specific feature that it has chocolate layer and there is a lot of cherry in the above of cake. Cherry has function to decorate the cake become more beautiful.

Black forest cake is kind of cake that is very popular in the world and this cake is from Germany. It made of chocolate sponge cake and the layer is butter cream with chocolate shaving. It is also give cherry that is muffled in Kirshwasser. This cake is often served in special event, like birthday party, wedding, and etc. Besides that, it has special smell and taste than the other kind of cakes. The main feature of it is chocolate color. In this modern era, there are many modifications or designs of black forest cake such as cupcakes, classical cake, caramel cream cake, and etc.

You can buy this cake in the stores because this cake is easy to find almost of all countries or you make the cake by own self. It includes expensive cake because the taste is difficult to be found in the other cakes. You want to eat it but you have limited money to buy it. There is solution to solve the problem. You can make it because the ingredient is enough cheap and easy to find in the store or market. Sometimes you do not satisfy with taste of the ingredients of this cake. May be this cake is lee of butter cream and less of cherry. So, make the cake by your own self and based on your taste are the best way. You can make this cake with classical design. Because of this design of cake is very famous and always be favorite by almost of people.

There is the simple recipe to make classical black forest cake. It is simple, easy, and do not need much time. You can follow this recipe to make your favorite cake that is matching with your taste. The first, you prepare the ingredients such as: eight eggs, 100 grams wheat flour, 100 grams butter, 200 grams sugar, 60 gram chocolate powder, one teaspoons emulsifier, ΒΌ teaspoons vanilla for the decoration of cake that the ingredients are 500 grams butter cream, 100 grams dark cooking chocolate, 10 cherries. Second, mix wheat flour, chocolate powder. After that, stir eggs and emulsifier until thick and swell about 10-15 minutes. Third, add liquid butter and stir until smoothly. Fourth, pour dough in three baking pan that the size is 22x22x4 cm, and put in the oven for 180`C. Fifth, take and smear every layer of cake with the butter cream. The last, give decoration this cake with dark chocolate and cherry. So Black forest cake is ready to serve and eats it soon. Ensure you try this recipe and feel the sensation of taste this cake.

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