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Classic Wedding Cake Ideas

Classic Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake ideas spread in this world was starting from long time ago till now.

Why did wedding cake buildup in western? The history of this began in England in the around the 15th century. At that time the wedding cake made of wheat. The cake was thrown to the bride as a symbol of fertility. At that time, the wedding cake is also served as dessert. Not only wedding cake ideas but it is also all the baked goods. The higher the pile, the better and if successful kissing the top of the cake without dropping it, it believed that all marriages will have happiness. In the 1600s, a French chef who came to visit the UK quite surprised with a cake piled rituals that he considered less neat. He recommends using a broomstick as a milestone that hold the cake. But this does not last long.

In the 17th century, "the bride pie" is one of popular wedding cake ideas. It was starting of sweet pie to pie contained minced mutton. At that time, imitation ring inserted into the pie into the waiting for the invitation which was flunky. If they got a ring in the pie, they were interpreted the next bride. Those wedding cake ideas were starting to be made since the 18th century in London. The story begins when William Rich intern fell in love with his boss's daughter. William inspired by the beauty of the peak. However, the story of wedding cake was not served until 1840. Popular Wedding Cakes magnificent and ornate eventually became mandatory served at the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (London).

Wedding cake splendor is symbolized by the number of sugar and fondant decoration, which sugar as luxury goods because the price was expensive. But since the first world war the division was very tight and the amount of sugar was not sufficient for a magnificent wedding cake decoration. Finally, wedding cake ideas were modified with fruit and cardboard. The wedding cake was spread the cardboard into the framework of the cake and made it looked luxurious with a limited budget.

Nowadays, the ​​wedding cake ideas have a very wide range. One of them is wedding cake without spreading. Cake decorated with fondant icing and sugar flowers are now becoming obsolete. While the cake without icing spreadable butter cream is a trend of wedding cake. Generally, the wedding cake is made grandly and luxuriously, stratified by smear of fondant, icing, or butter cream. However, bakery in New York and Toronto became the pioneer of this cake trend. They have their own reasons why the cake with a nice texture and good taste must be hidden by a smear. They are actually challenged. They often get the order of this cake without spread. This cake with a rustic look is always paired with natural ornament in the form of fresh fruit and fresh flowers. Natural taste of the cake should blend harmoniously with the decorations. Therefore they never use ornaments of icing sugar and always use fresh ingredients to dress the cake. Now some bakery in America has mainstay 'naked wedding cake' both in the choice of cake and fresh decoration types. Generally the wedding cake ideas are not made too high. What is clear is that it cannot be faked, including the prop.

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