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Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Are you gluten intolerant or your beloved one has celiac disease? But you still want to celebrate their birthday by holding a special cake for them? Tyr the gluten free birthday cake!

Nowadays the gluten free birthday cake is widespread. There are several bakery shops that sell various type of birthday cakes offer this type of dessert. Why people pick the gluten free cake over the gluten one? To answer your question you have to know what gluten is and what its consequence for our health. Gluten is one of the supreme consumed proteins by people. You can find gluten in wheat (or some scrap foods that have connected to wheat), barley and even rye. The gluten is formed because of glutenin and gliadin that make contract and form a connection. This is what make your bread has chewy feel. However, the gluten can trap CO2, trigger immune reaction and even can damage the small intestine.

We already eat the wheat with gluten in it since our birth. That why some of people are have problem encounter with this protein. One percent of population gets celiac disease. People with celiac have to stay alert for the meal they consume. However not only the one with celiac that has to be careful over gluten. Peter Gibson, the director of Alfred Hospital, Australia in 2011 verifies that gluten can cause illness for people without celiac ailment. Forty four people who grumble had stomach sickness. The syndrome was disappeared when they were not eating gluten. Those people were directed with stern diet of gluten and the result showed that the pain did not return. This’s reason many people are trying to lessen the gluten in their meal or even put gluten free menu in their diet list. Of course, the pledge will lead you to further caution in every food you devours, including gluten free birthday cake that is popular now.

May be, it is still rare for you, to get birthday cake that is made without gluten or wheat. Nevertheless don’t worry! There are a lot of tempting birthday cakes or cupcakes for special event dessert that specially made with gluten free ingredients. You do not need to underappreciate the cake. Even though we aware that gluten commonly give structure in your cake and without it will make the cake crumble and drier. There are numerous products that can be used to solve the issue. You can try additional flours like, tapioca, rice or potato to add the texture in your cake. The gluten free flours are offered in market that will give you a great gluten free birthday cake. To improve the texture, you can add Xanthan gum. This ingredient is useful for baking with gluten free mixes. The xanthan will work by binding the ingredient during baking like gluten did and give conventional texture in your cake. The Xanthan comes in powder which can easily be mixed with water and gluten free flour.

You can have some recipe for gluten free birthday cake or simply order the cake in bakery shop. Although the cake is gluten free, the cake with countless toping and decoration will make you amazed and shock. The diet cake will absolutely amuse your beloved one and be alternative diet cake to celebrate the birthday.

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