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Stbirthday Decorations For Girls Birthday Cake Decorations For Girls

Stbirthday Decorations For Girls Birthday Cake Decorations For Girls

Birthday cake decorations will be the best present for your lovely children as you decorate it by your self.

Cake can express feelings from somebody in the birthday party. Therefore, it is very common to make birthday cake decorations by ourselves with the creativity. Here are correct tips to decorate a birthday cake that is usually presented as a birthday event.

First, the basic cake which will be decorated cannot be used directly when it is still warm. If you make it by yourself, you should refrigerate the cake in the pan or input in the refrigerator for 2-24 hours so the resulting cake is formed and mobilized. Second, you can cut the dry piece of brownish on the cake so the flat surface of the cake will be easy to be decorated. Third, use the cream. If you want to color the cream then choose a lighter color than desired because when cooled and dries the resulting color will be darker than before. Fourth, to coat the cake with buttercream, the objects that most commonly used is a spatula. Spatula allows you to flatten the butter cream and helps to keep your hands from touching butter cream and avoid directly do the birthday cake decorations.

To decorate a birthday cake with butter cream, you can start by coating the cake with butter cream. The most way that is often used when decorating a cake is to coat the entire cake with whipped cream or butter cream. Butter cream or whipped cream moisten the cake and served as the basis for other decorations sticking the birthday cake decorations that would be perfect.

Besides by using butter cream, you can also decorate the cake with fondant or also use chocolate block. Fondant, well known as sugar paste is material for decorating cake that tastes sweet and elastic so easy to set up 3-dimensional or two-dimensional as a cake decorator. Fondant is usually shaped like a children's toy candle, a bit loud and white colored to make it more soft and yielding attractive colors. In contrast with fondant, new chocolate block can be used to decorate the cake when the chocolate is heated until molten, molded, and then cooled. The results are also different from fondant. A hard texture can be produced by chocolate block. If your cake color is light or white, you can apply brown blocks. Fondant can be printed to produce a birthday cake decorations with mold press or cookie cutter. While block chocolate, the chocolate molds are made of plastic or silicone.

Besides butter cream and fondant, you can decorate the cake with the writing. Usually on a birthday cake tasted privileges and exclusive high-made paper contain the name of the person whose birthday, congratulations, or a few important things to be conveyed by giving the cake. The inscription on the cake can be made using whipped cream, butter cream, or chocolate paste formed by a syringe or a plain line. You can also use fondant printed. Choose them according to your taste and creativity. Do not forget to add colorful atmosphere with pasta that looks more interesting.

After decorating with butter cream or fondant is finished, do not forget to beautify a cake. In the final stage, the cake can be enhanced with a variety of ways, ranging from adding ornaments ready-made toys that can either be consumed or not, sprinkle icing sugar or powdered sugar on the cake that is usually colored to look more attractive, add sprinkles or brown colorful blushes. Beautifying birthday cake decorations is actually according to your taste and creativity.

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