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Uploads   Black And White Damask Wedding Cakes

Uploads Black And White Damask Wedding Cakes

Wedding reception is a very happy moment for the bride and groom, family, and all off the guests. At this moment the bride and groom share their happiness to everyone. To make a successful event, usually various things such as preparation of a series of events, consumption, room decor, and black and white wedding cakes have been prepared ahead of time. To complete the nice decoration, a wedding cake is provided and displayed at the wedding reception. Wedding cake is a luxury piece and sometimes it is a sign of social status. Displaying the bigger cake means having the higher social status. Wedding cake is a centerpiece of the wedding reception. Cutting the cake is an important part. It is also meant to give good luck to the couple and all of the guests. But, sometimes it is not served for the guests. Traditionally, a wedding cake is a fruit cake with marzipan topping and icing with many tiers.

The traditional wedding cake is white tiered cake. Nowadays, there are many configurations and flavors of wedding cake that are available, including black and white wedding cake. Wedding cake comes in a large range of sizes. The size depends on the needs. If the wedding cake would be served for the guest, its size should depend on the number of the guests. Many pastry chefs use some tools and ingredients to make a wedding cake that could reflect the couple personality. Some of the popular ingredients for black and white wedding cakes are fondant, chocolate, marzipan, buttercream, and gum paste. Wedding cakes are usually priced on per-slice or per-person basis. The price is affected from the ingredients and sizes that are ordered. The price ofeach slice or each person generally ranges from few dollars until few hundred dollars.

To get elegant and gorgeous view, the black and white wedding cakes are the best option from many selections. These wedding cakes will bring sophistication sense to the wedding reception. Black and white cakes are suitable with all of the wedding reception theme. The contrast color of those wedding cakes is appropriate for formal wedding or semi formal wedding.

Commonly, black and white wedding cakes are displayed with the black and white wedding decoration or some silver accents. The black satin or black organza ribbon that decorated in the white cake will give a good look. Sometimes, the black satin ribbon wraps around its tiers or the fresh white flower. White flower is the perfect topping of wedding cake that has black color. There are many variations of black and white cake for wedding reception. If you want to buy the black and white cake for your wedding reception, you could ask your idea to the pastry chef. If you want a simple cake, you can ask a sleek black and white cake which decorated with black satin ribbon and white clam or dark chocolate and white chocolate cake which decorated with silver ball and white flower. You could order the shape like you want. The common shares are round and square. You can order two until four tiers.

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