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Chocolate Sponge Cake With Blackberry And Whipped Cream Filling

Chocolate Sponge Cake With Blackberry And Whipped Cream Filling

These days, there are so many creations of beautiful and delicious cakes. Generally, cake divided into two major types, they are: foam cake and shortened cake. Foam cake is a kind of cake that has little or even no fat. Several cakes that often referred to foam cake are chocolate sponge cake, chiffon cake, and angel food. Usually, foam cake need more proportion of egg. You do not need baking soda and baking powder since they are not very necessary to make a foam cake. A foam cake should be baked as soon as the dough is ready since the egg white could deflate if you let it for a long time. To get a nice shape, you should cut the foam cake with jagged knife or an electric knife in sawing motion because the foam cake is very airy and light. Shortened cake is also known as butter cake or creamed cake. To make a tender, moist, and airily textured cake, it should contain more margarine, butter, or vegetable shortening. Both of these cake types have so many variations.

There are many variations of flavoring, icing, filling, shape and decoration that applied to the basic ingredients. With no doubt, a chocolate sponge cake will catch many people’s attention, including you. With the nice spiral design, this cake will attract you to eat it. Especially, after the first bite that is so very delicious, the airy and light texture of this cake will soon melt in your mouth. This sensation will make everyone always remember this delicious cake. Usually, the rich chocolate flavor of the sponge cake is filled with a chocolate or plain whipped cream frosting. This perfect combination will make many people addicted to eat this sponge cake. You can store this cake in your refrigerator for five days, but usually it will not until five days this cake must have been run out because no one will be able to resist the temptation to eat this very smooth cake.

You can find a chocolate sponge cake in many bakeries. But, if you want to try some creations, you could make your cake in your home. You can cook with your daughter on weekend. To make your own cake, you just need simple material that you can find in several stores. You can flavor your sponge cake with raspberry or blueberry. If you want to make a your sponge cake with raspberry/blueberry cream, you just need large egg, semi-sweet chocolate, white sugar, pure extract vanilla, tartar cream, cold heavy whipping cream which contains 40% butterfat and raspberry/blueberry jam or preserves. You can serve this cake with a cup of tea at noon.

This cake contains low fat. You can see the nutrition facts of this cake. 1 Sponge (110 grams) Chocolate Sponge Cake contains 198 Calories. Calories from fat is 30. It has 4% or 1.1 grams dietary fiber and 4.4 grams protein. Total fat of this cake is 5% or 3.3 grams and total of carbohydrates is 12% or 35.2 grams.

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