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Lion first birthday cake

Lion first birthday cake

First birthday party is one of some important preparation that you should consider.

Congratulations, your baby gets older and now has a year old. In some future time, your baby will start to walk, talk, and grow without the mother realizing. Although the baby's first birthday party is held specially, it does not have to be expensive or fancy. First birthday cake is one of the simplest tips for planning a first birthday party for your child.

No matter how happy mother to desire to invite everyone that mothers know, hire a clown acrobat and clown birthday, get rid of the desire because you should keep the first birthday party baby as it is relatively small and simple with a first birthday cake. One year old child may be afraid of strangers and uncomfortable by the presence of the crowd because of noise and new places. What need to keep in mind is that your child will not even ever remember this party, so what you have to do is to only meet the wishes and desires of the mother.

Besides considering the thing above, you also need to select the appropriate time. Most children aged one year take time to sleep in the morning and afternoon, so try to schedule a customized party with a sleeping child. For some children, the afternoon is the most appropriate time. Do not forget to set a deadline for the party. Around this age, mothers have to make sure the party is not too long or not longer than one or two hours to enjoy a birthday party with a first birthday cake.

In most situations, the house of mother is the most optimal location to celebrate baby's first birthday party with a first birthday cake. However, if a house or apartment is too small to accommodate the guests, the mother may consider other locations such as hall apartment, club house, and residential complex. If the child's mother is comfortable in noise and crowded places, kid's playground at the mall or fast-food restaurant is the right choice. And even when the weather is nice, residential park or zoo also fun options in planning a child's birthday party. Besides, setting the theme is also important. Children of all ages love the bright colorful theme and tend striking. As the host, mother can make a birthday theme by making / printing large images of your favorite baby’s cartoon character that is popular such as Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse is the best choice right.

After that preparation, you can prepare to hire a photographer. Mother would not want this historic event without documentation. However, the mother did not want to spend the entire time behind the camera also. You can hire someone to take photos during the event. You do not have to hire a professional photographer, just friends or relatives who have good skills in using the camera and of course the mother believes that she is really able to get the best moment of the desired photo.

After getting a photographer, plan your party menu. Mother does not need to spend all day in the kitchen to prepare meals and make a first birthday party. Just plan a simple menu with cake, sandwiches, pasta salad and iced tea, and cocktails for adults. For children, making a cut-sized piece of tiny little cake is also fun. Order a cake from a bakery or your favorite food taken out food from a colleague who is doing business cake that can facilitate you to success the party. Just relax and have fun. Of course, the drinks will be spilled, accidents will happen and children will cry, but the mother did not have to sweat the small stuff. Relax and enjoy the show with mothers and their baby who present. Birthday party is organized to have fun not to mother trapped in a small incident that spoil the party atmosphere.

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