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Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

It is really undeniable not to love the fantastic taste of Molten Chocolate cake. Here is the story of delicious molten cake.

Molten chocolate cake also known as lava cake is popular dessert that combines flourless chocolate cake or decadence chocolate and a soufflé. The different of the cake and other dessert is the hot runny chocolate flavored in center. The thrill moment is when you cut the cake, the syrup inside will oozes out and surprised you. There are different versions of who invented the cake. However overall story is start from 1966, the first known cake with runny center in Tunnel Fudge cake is invented by Texan, Ella Helfrich with clever insertion of powdered frosting. As you know, the cake is not really popular back then. After that in 1979 Foodworks Emporium in Manhattan served a chocolate Souffle Cake that was like Tunnel of Fudge cake, it has big and brownie Bundt. But, in this cake the batter is truly flourless, like chocolate mousse.

The other version of the cake is made by Michul Bras with the patents of his chocolate Coulant. Bras’ version of coulant or runny chocolate was the father invention of molten chocolate cake, The cake is non-Bundt cake like other, and used ganache inside the cake and then freezed it overnight. Ganache was popular to make the cake fully baked and kept chocolate in the center stay in liquid. Then, in 1987 chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten invented the molten chocolate cake again in Uniter State. The chef invented the cake by accident; he pulled out chocolate sponge cake (this is the cake recipe he got from his mother) of the oven too early and discovered the cake had delicious taste even though the center was undercooked. Right now the cake is added on high-end restaurant as de riqueur dessert menus.

The Molten chocolate cake is baked in ramekin (a small ceramic or glass bowl for serving or even cooking various dishes) with four basis ingredients. They are butter, sugar, chocolate, sugar and little amount of flour. According to your own preference, you can add some ingredient like cinnamon, coffee or other flavors. The process of making the cake is melting together the butter and chocolate, and whisk the other ingredients to form a thick paste with solid textured. Adding little flour in batter is to make the undercooked center does not taste raw. There is easier version to make the molten chocolate cake, by injecting chocolate truffle in the center of higher flour batter. The cake is molten cake is lighter than typical flourless chocolate cake. Choosing the good quality chocolate is the key point in order to have a wonderful cake. If you are attracted to add the cake in your menu list, there are bunch of recipes available in the website or cooking magazines.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of molten cakes with various insertions, like chocolate, caramel or cheese with creative presentation. The traditional molten chocolate cake usually serves in ramekin or plate. The bakery makes the cake more appealing by decorate it with raspberry or chocolate sauce, dusting powdered sugar all over the cake or sprig of mint. There are different method and recipe to make delicious molten chocolate cake, you can make them individually or just order the cake in some restaurant. Enjoy your time with delicious Molten Chocolate Cake as your dessert!

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