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Horse Birthday Cakes For Boys

Horse Birthday Cakes For Boys

Without a birthday cake for boys, certainly the event will be less complete.

Of course you want your child's birthday party is fun. To make a child's birthday party be pleasant you need at least a birthday cake. By presenting a birthday cake will certainly make your child's birthday event feel special. The children like colorful birthday cake with cute decoration. Actually, the birthday cakes for kids are divided in two types, birthday cake for boys and also certain birthday cake for girls. There is also a simple birthday cake for a child that we can make it for boys and girls. To decorate the birthday cake for boys is easy. It is usually dominated by ornate decoration such as a cartoon character, toys, games, and so on.

When your son’s birthday will come, the parents would have to prepare everything for it. One thing that can enliven the birthday is the birthday cake for boys. To present it, you can cast a spell happy birthday themselves according to what your boy likes. Boys are usually identically with cars. A good idea is to know what your child likes and then pour it into a birthday cake. One thing that is a favorite is car. Here is a recipe of easy and simple birthday cake for boys. Children's Birthday Cake Ingredients are:

1. 100 grams of wheat flour

2. cornstarch 40 gr

3. cocoa powder 60 g

4. cake emulsifier 1 tbsp

5. eggs 8 items

6. 100 g butter (melted) granulated sugar 200 gr

7. vanilla 1/4 tsp

8. 500 g whipped cream (whipped stiff) cooking chocolate 100 gr

9. 10 pieces of fresh strawberries

10. 1 can cherry

How to Make a Birthday Cake for boys is very easy. You just need to stay to follow the following steps: Beat eggs with sugar and cake emulsifier till expanded. set aside. Combine flour, cocoa powder, and cornstarch, stir well. Then enter into beaten egg sifted. Stir until the mixture is well blended. Add the butter has melted stir in the back. Prepare a baking sheet with a diameter of 20 cm, spread a little oil. Bake a birthday cake in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees until done. Remove and let it cool. Cut crosswise into three parts. Moisten pastry with cherry fruit water. Spread with whipped cream on the first layer. Cover with the third cake layer. Dress it with whipped cream on the entire surface of a birthday cake thinly. Then garnish it with dark chocolate on the birthday cake. Decorate the top of cake with strawberry or cherry. Special and simple birthday cake for boy is done and ready to be served.

Those above are how to make a Birthday Cake for boys. Please send my Birthday greetings to your children. Hopefully soon be a successful person. Enliven the party of your child's birthday cake with balloons, or candles, or trumpet, and also hat to make it more colorful. Besides the birthday cake, please also serve a variety of puddings for getting a special birthday. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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