Make Your Delicious Tres Leches Cake

One of the famous cakes from Spanish is a tres leches cake. It is a kind of sponge cake, but also known as butter cake. For you, the cake lover, you should try this cake. it is very delicious cake. It made with three kinds of milk. They are condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated […]

Create Your Best Toy Story Cakes

Are you preparing a birthday party for your children? If so, as a good parent, you have to prepare the celebration as good as possible. For the special day of your child, you should prepare a festive feast and a beautiful cake that could make your child feels happy. You must choose a birthday cake […]

Get Some Tips For Nice Red Velvet Cake

A cake which has a bright red, dark red or red brown color named red velvet cake is. Originally, this cake comes from United States. Traditionally, this red cake is prepared in a form of layer cake which topped either with cooked roux icing or cream cheese. The common ingredients of this red cake are […]

Get Easy Way To Make Easy Coffee Cake

Do you love many kinds of cake? Cake is very delightful dish. There are so many kinds of delicious cake. One of them is coffee cake. You can make easy coffee cake by yourself. If you want to make it, the ingredients are: one tablespoon of instant coffee powder one tablespoon of boiling water two […]

Being Economical by Making Chocolate Fudge Cake Own Self

Chocolate fudge cake can change the mood, be economic and includes yummy cake Cake is always becomes favorite to the most of people. Even children, teenager and adult like cake. Cake has enchantment because it has sweet, soft, and moist taste when you eat it. The popular cake that the most of people like it […]

The Perfect Sweet Sixteen Cakes

Sweet sixteen cakes is the perfect idea for the perfect birthday party. In Indonesia, anniversary of the most eagerly awaited is the sweet sixteen. However, it is different in Western countries. They actually most excited to celebrate the sweet sixteen. Most of the girls, sweet sixteen may be the most eagerly awaited. Moreover, usually at […]

Make your own tasteful sugar free chocolate cake

Certainly, after one delicious bite, the rich taste of chocolate cake often makes you forget about your diet program. The sweet taste of chocolate cake is often loved by the children. But, if you want to decrease the sweet taste of chocolate cake, you can choose sugar free chocolate cake. This cake is also very […]

Being Healthy and Full with Sugar Free Cakes

Sugar free cakes prevent you from diabetes and hungriness. Being healthy is what everyone wants. However, unfortunately there are some people who were given the sickness as a test to strengthen the quality of life. Diabetes is a disease that often affects humans and the patient must not eat sweet foods such as cakes. However, […]

Get your nice sponge cake with Nice Style

These days, there are so many creations of beautiful and delicious cakes. Generally, cake divided into two major types, they are: foam cake and shortened cake. Foam cake is a kind of cake that has little or even no fat. Several cakes that often referred to foam cake are chocolate sponge cake, chiffon cake, and […]

Three Best Chocolate Cakes

There are a lot of types of chocolate cake, so what is the best from all of them? This is the three best chocolate cakes you should try before your die. When it comes to cake we would never exclude the chocolate flavored cake which almost all people will love to have a piece of […]